More Than Just SHM Members.

We often receive emails and notes from our members thanking us for making their experience at Sandusky Harbor Marina more enjoyable.  It is always nice to get compliments and it makes the work we do both gratifying and worthwhile.  However, once in a while a member goes above and beyond in the way that they show their gratitude.  It means an incredible amount to us when one of our members takes the time to personally write a letter to thank us.  It never goes unnoticed and we do not take these gestures for granted.

Such is the case with Sarka and Joe Angeski who have been loyal Sandusky Harbor members for 7 years.  Joe recently wrote us an incredibly kind letter and we wanted to share it, not to be boastful, but more to express how much it means to the entire SHM staff to receive something like this.  Simply put: it made our day.

Sarka, Joe…the feeling is mutual.



I felt that it was time to formally let you know what Sandusky Harbor marina has meant to my wife and me. We have been docking at the marina for 7 years and when looking back we cannot think of one bad experience. In fact we are hard pressed to come up with any normal run of the mill experiences. We look forward to spending every weekend at the marina because we know that we are going to have a relaxing, safe peaceful time. This is because of how the marine is managed and run.

The grounds are maintained beautifully and the pool is very clean and organized. As for the bathrooms we could not ask for more, they are always well stocked and clean and it is a blessing that they are open 24/7. A lot of us work on or boats late into the day and look forward to a hot shower when we are done.

The docks are nice and more then functional. We have seen some very bad weather having winds in excess of 50 MPH and heavy seas. These winds ripped lose and shredded some head sails on sailboats but the docks sustained no damages and my boat has always been safe and secure.

The interaction between Sandusky Harbor Marina and the Harbor Bay Yacht club is a real bonus. This is an advantage to all parties and allows a special relationship between the marina and its patrons.

None of the above could be possible without the proper personnel! They are all very courteous, friendly and hard working. But more importantly knowledgeable on their job duties and they share this knowledge. I have never had a problem with any of my requests, most of the time SHM exceeded them.

My wife and I would like to extend a very special thanks to all the SHM employees for all their help over the years, we consider you family.

Have a Great 2016 Season!
Joe Angeski Jr.

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